Local area Business Development Communities are the foundation of greater Clark County, NV…

Businesses may join the Clark County Nevada Chamber of Commerce by Community.

  1. Your business must be in the community you are joining. (Good Standing with the State.)
  2. Your business must be active in a Business Development Community (No added fees)
    1. Register to join by contacting the Chamber of Commerce at 702.301.3663
    2. Setup a one-on-one meeting to review your goals for your business.
    3. Based on the business type you’re running, that will assign the committee your business is to become active within in your community and with your  board.
  3. Your meetings will be held monthly in your community. (No added fees)
    1. To meet new members (Priceless)
    2. To build strong business relationships (Priceless)
    3. To enhance your business type of service and/or product (Priceless)
    4. To develop leads and build referrals (No added fees)
    5. To plan and develop quarterly business development events. (Business Mixers & Expos)
    6. To support the goals of your business and your board (Enhance Value)
  4. Your community Business Mixers & Expos will be held at your local golf club. (Board of Events & Development)
    1. Open to the public and fellow chamber members from your community and other communities.
    2. Trade Booth Space at no cost to local community members. ($200 value each quarter)
    3. Community members receive 100 tickets to market, handout with a two for one value.
    4. Golf Sponsorship is open to all members
    5. Golf is open to both members and non-members
    6. Business Mixer & Expo is open to both members and non-members (Not limited to your area)
  5. There is a committee for each and every type of Board
    1. Some business types may sit on more then one committee after an approved request from each board and committee.
    2. Request to be on more then one committee may be requested at anytime
    3. Committee members may join their board, but may only be on one board, unless case is made to each board by way of meeting with each board president and chamber chairperson. Our goal it to support you and your business and not to hold you back from your success.


Your Business Membership is $500 a year.

  • Your receive all of the above
  Your Business & Advertising Membership is $1,000 a year
  • Your receive all of the above
  • Plus a 5.5″ x 8.5″ full color display ad in your community quarterly (10,000+ printed) magazine for three issues


When you register, your zip code will provide us with the community your committee will be located.

Our goal is to support you and your business on your local one-on-one relationships in your community, on your branding in your area and with local, state, national and worldwide marketing online. (Year-after-Year as a proud member of the Clark County Nevada Chamber of Commerce)

Joining starts with setting up your appointment, call 702.301.3663 and talk with us about your business goals, to see if we can provide what you’re looking for, for you and your business. (Your success is our goal)


Clark County Nevada Chamber of Commerce
410 South Rampart,
Suite 390,
Las Vegas, NV, 89145 (Tivoli Village)


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