Laughlin Energy Summit

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Laughlin Energy Summit

Are you looking for ways to trim operating costs and lower energy use? Join NV Energy’s Commercial Energy Services team when we host a free Energy Summit in Laughlin and discuss ways for local businesses to save.

Tuesday, May 9
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Laughlin Library
2840 Needles Highway
Laughlin, NV 89029

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Commercial Energy Services

  • Application Support
  • Technical Services
  • Free Education and Training
  • Free Facility Energy Assessments
  • Incentivized ASHRAE Level II-III Audits
  • Retrofit Project Incentives
  • New Construction Project Incentives
  • Small Business Project Incentives
  • Non Profit Agency Grants
  • Integrated Energy Efficiency/Demand Management Free Technology

Application Support

Please call our toll free number for application support: 1-800-342-6335. Our commercial energy services team can walk you through the application to answer any questions. We also have an online application that is user friendly and has quickly become popular among NV Energy customers. Please visit:

Technical Services

We have a team of engineers who take pride in reviewing and validating the energy savings for each project to ensure NV Energy customers receive the “true value” of their investment. Our engineers are also happy to review new technology and provide our unbiased opinion. Sometimes customers have a great energy efficiency project lined up, but may have a hard time convincing senior leadership of its value. We love to engage our customers and would be more than happy to attend a meeting to explain in great detail the value proposition of an energy efficiency project to senior leaders in an effort to move the project forward.

Free Education and Training

Enabling customers to become savvier in regards to energy efficiency and demand management is one of our primary goals. Last year we provided over 1,000 NV Energy commercial customers free training in the following subjects; Lighting, HVAC, Compressed Air, Audit Services, Variable Frequency Drives, Motors, Pumps, and Online Application training. The learning that took place at these training sessions coupled with ongoing technical support enabled numerous customers to move forward with energy efficiency projects with confidence. Please visit the commercial energy services website to register for upcoming education and training events.

Free Facility Energy Assessments

Commercial energy services free facility energy assessment is considered a “simple audit”, “screening audit” or “walk-through audit” by ASHRAE standards. It is the basic starting point for building energy optimization. It includes an overview of commercial energy service offerings, a brief interview with site operating personnel, and an abbreviated walk-through of the building. The energy assessment walk-through is geared toward the identification of energy efficiency opportunities that align with commercial energy services incentives. The assessment will also identify demand management opportunities as well. The energy assessment will result in a concise report detailing the findings, which include identifying a variety of recognizable no cost/low cost efficiency opportunities along with calculated projected energy savings and associated NV Energy incentives.

Incentivized ASHRAE Level 2 or higher Audits

The next step for most facilities is the ASHRAE Level 2 audit/assessment. The ASHRAE Level 2 audit can start with the findings of the Energy Assessment Walkthrough or start from scratch, and evaluates the building energy systems in detail to define a variety of potential energy-efficiency improvements. This may include the Building Envelope, Lighting, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Domestic Hot Water (DHW), Plug Loads, and Compressed Air and Process Uses (for manufacturing, service, or processing facilities). NV Energy provides an incentive to cover 50% of the audit cost up to $15,000 per audit. The audit can also be performed for a single energy system, such as a chiller plant. Targeting lighting as a single system audit does not qualify. Customers can visit our website to view a list of authorized contractors. Customers can use their own service provider if they meet the qualifications of the ASHRAE Level 2 Audit Contractor Network.

Retrofit and New Construction Project Incentives

The commercial energy services are designed to incentivize any measure that saves verifiable energy. We have prescriptive measures, which a certain dollar amount is paid per item (please refer to appendix 1 & 2) and custom measures that require a pre and post measurement of energy to arrive at the projected energy savings. Again we are more than happy to assist customers throughout the entire course of the project starting with the completion of the application.

Small Business Project Incentives

NV Energy commercial energy services offer a Small Business component to help small businesses lower their electrical consumption or reduce operating cost by installing energy efficient equipment or products in their facility. NV Energy commercial customers who have an annual electrical consumption of 400,000 kWh or less are eligible to participate in the Small Business component. Customers can visit the commercial energy services website to select a vendor from our Small Business Contractor Network. These contractors have been vetted by the commercial energy services team to provide customers with a free energy assessment. The free energy assessment will identify energy efficiency measures that align with commercial energy services incentives and include a cost proposal for implementation.

Non-Profit Agency Grants

NV Energy commercial energy services offers grants to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. It’s important to note the project must be cost-effective to qualify for a grant. Typically projects that generate energy savings in the range of $.28 or less qualify for a grant. Customers can receive 100% of the project cost up to the first $5,000. NV Energy will match the project costs by 50% that exceed $5,000 up to $10,000. So the total possible incentive amount cannot exceed $7,500. See example below of a lighting retrofit project:

  • Total project cost $6,000

  • Total expected energy savings 27,500 kWh with a cost of $.22 per kWh, which would qualify for a grant.

  • Total paid $5,500

Integrated Energy Efficiency and Demand Management

NV Energy is currently offering free technology coupled with a smart way to manage your energy consumption. This free technology is available to customers who are willing to participate in a minimum of 15 community energy events per year. The technology consists of the following:

  • Smart programmable thermostats can reduce your energy consumption by 10%, be controlled from a smart phone, computer or tablet. The thermostats can be linked together for easy programing on the go or at your computer giving you total control of your heating and air conditioning.

  • Commercial air conditioning demand limiting device offers a smart way to deliver peak demand savings of 15%-25% and with overall energy consumption reduced by 10%-30%. This devices uses swarm energy management (SEM) technology which consists of easy-to-install SEM Controllers, at least one SEM Gateway, Cloud Service and Web Portal. These components collectively execute a patented Swarm Logic™ load management algorithm, delivering customer value. The commercial energy services team offers a free assessment to see if customers qualify.

  • Universal Gateway enables customers who have an energy management system or building managing system and have internet access to participate in community energy events and receive cash for their efforts to reduce their energy consumption during peak demands. Customers who can achieve kW demand reductions of more than 10 kW will receive $1.95 per kW and those that achieve less than 10 kW will receive $1.75 per kW.

The ROI for implementing this technology at your facility is zero! The equipment is free along with professional installation. You literally start saving from day 1, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started; 1-800-342-6335 or please visit:

Wendy Ayers, Outreach Manager


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