Integrated Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Training: Las Vegas

Integrated Energy Efficiency & Peak Load Management Technology Training: Las Vegas

Integrating energy efficiency with peak load management can yield significant opportunities for energy savings. Join NV Energy’s Commercial Energy Services in March for a free training to explore ways to save.

This training benefits customers, contractors, equipment suppliers, mechanical engineers, maintenance personnel and facility managers.


  • Understand utility bills and how demand charges are calculated
  • Learn the various types of energy efficiency (EE) and how to apply simple changes to achieve results
  • Explore the personal and societal benefits of energy efficiency
  • Find out how integrated EE and demand response (DR) products help businesses save energy and demand, ultimately lowering operating costs
  • Learn how the value of energy is perceived and how it relates to energy savings
  • Explore various technologies and incentives, including smart thermostats, economizers and demand limiting controllers, and universal gateways
  • Learn tips to apply EE and DR options


Wesley Whited, a Senior Consultant for Smart Lighting Systems at DNV GL, is an expert in commercial lighting ranging from utility program design and project management to specification sales. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and received an MBA from Capital University in Columbus, OH.