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Before exclusively devoting her life to teaching heart-based principles, Rae Wilson was a highly successful business executive, rising to the position of Corporate Vice President of a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded, hospitality company. Based on her career experience, she realized the tremendous need to bring heart-based life skills to the business community.

As a HeartLife transformation coach and HeartMath Certified Trainer, Rae teaches science-based, proven coherence techniques, which allow you to experience optimal performance.

Interestingly, your physiology follows your emotions on a moment-by-moment basis. When you become “coherent” (physically, mentally and emotionally balanced), you achieve a state of optimal performance resulting in reduced stress, more energy, improved communication, the ability to tap into your intuition and a host of other health and lifestyle benefits. And, you can monitor your progress with biofeedback software in real time.

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