CCW Adventures

Enjoy visiting the following areas in Clark County, NV and Nye County, NV as you take your CCW License Training herein Nevada.

First things First

* You must be a must be a resident of Nevada in Clark County or Nye County.

* If you don’t have a firearm, that will be provided for you.

* If you do have a firearm, it must not have a magazine that holds more then 10 rounds of ammunition.

* Register Here Online

Fee 1 person $300 and 2 people $500 and pick your date.

1. We’ll pick you up at the location you chose when you registered.

2. We travel from Red Rock outside of Summerlin in to Pahrump and visit Master At Arms Gun Shop to assist you in picking up ammo. Then off to Amargosa Valley for lunch, then Beatty for your shooting time and then back to Pahrump Master At Arms Gun Shop before taking you back to your pick up location.

3. The day starts around 8am and runs until around 5pm a full day of Adventures.

For more information, please call 702.468.2742 or visit


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