Business Printing

Printing services from Business Cards, Posters to Banners are all offered. To both our members and local businesses.


Example: You have your Business Cards Design and saved in a pdf file at 300dpi. You would like to order 5,000 Business Cards full-color on both sides (4/4) and would like them this week.

Our fee is $100.00 total and your order will be delivered to you within a few business days.


One more Example: You would like to have some Business Cards designed and printed for your business. You don’t know or understand what 300dpi is or even would like to know. You just want some Business Cards right now.

Okay, this is how we can and will assist you. Setup a meeting and branding review. Why?

Because you may not be ready… why spend your money and handout a marketing tool (Business Card) that’s not ready to enhance both you and your business?

  1. Business Name – is it a DBA, Corp or LLC?
  2. Do you have a Domain (Website Name)
  3. Do you have a basic or advanced website?
  4. Is you email showcasing your company website or other businesses like yahoo, hotmail or gmail?
  5. Can you let other know what your business services and/or goods are with in a few words?
  6. What image(s) are you going to use to brand your company?
  7. Since your paying for both sides of the Business Card, what’s on the backside?

These are just a few Q & A’s about what your Business Card lets the world know about you.

Our fee is Free to sit down with you.


You could even register for one of our upcoming Clark County Business Development Forums. When you are one of the 1st 10 businesses to register and take part in the forum, we’ll give you 500 Business Cards on us the Clark County Nevada Chamber of Commerce.


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